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Personalized Approach

The magic happens when you have a plan personalized to address your child’s specific sleep concerns regardless of your family philosophy.

Happy Family

Having a cranky and tired child is not good for anyone!  Imagine if your entire family received the rest that you deserve?

Not Local, No Problem!

Even as a Chicago sleep consultant I can help anyone throughout the world via Web Chat.  I’m internationally known!

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • You are exhausted (like chugging coffee exhausted) and know that something needs to change.
  • You are so overwhelmed by the conflicting information found within sleep books and on the internet that your head might explode
  • You dread bedtime.  Like really dread it.
  • Your home turns into a game of musical beds in the middle of the night – but the music never stops.
  • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired about sleep.
  • You are finally committed to doing what is best for your baby and family.

Address Common Sleep Concerns

  • Short Naps
  • Fussy, Cranky, Overtired and Irritable Child
  • Multiple night wakings
  • Baby needs to be held or soothed to fall asleep
  • Toddler/Preschooler who won’t stay in crib/bed
  • Nap Transitions (from 4-3-2-1-none)
  • Transition from Crib to Bed



You can have the cheerleader, supporter, best girlfriend, hand-holder or whatever-you-need to get through this process of instilling healthy sleep habits to your child. If we’re breaking old habits or preventing new habits from forming, we can work together to put you in the right direction. My plans are simple and easy to execute.

The success comes from you!

Well Rested Families
Sleep Plans Written
Hours of Sleep Recovered
Happy Sleep Consultant

“I cannot state this strongly enough: If you are having trouble with your baby’s sleep habits, you should talk to Susie. She is incredibly friendly and helpful (like a less edgy version of Mary Poppins, minus the accent), she does not talk down to you even though you’re probably being an idiot like I was. And she knows her stuff!”

— Liz, A Mothership Down

“Calling Susie has been the best decision I’ve made for myself and my baby. He is now the “joy” that everyone hopes for. Naps and bedtime are no longer stressful. My older daughter calls Susie the baby whisperer and it’s true! Thank you!!!!”

— Heather, Riverwoods, IL

“Susie helped us with a sleep issue that I had no idea was due to my baby being over tired. Susie helped me adjust nap time and things were better on the first day! She taught this pediatrician something really important! Thanks Susie, for getting our sleep back on track ♥”

— Sapna, Founder Premium Care Pediatrics
sleep consultant seen in the media
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