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Contact us with your package selection. If you have any questions, just ask!


We will schedule your consult and you will be sent an Intake Form to discuss your family goals.


It’s amazing to see a great plan in action! Get ready to begin your sleep journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wow, look at you, Susie, you finally put buttons on your site so that I can finally book online!

Oh yes, I’m so glad that you noticed – I do feel pretty techy.  So now when you’re ready to book your consult, go ahead and click the “book it” button and you will be sent to a checkout page to pay.  Once I receive payment, I will send out everything else to book your consult and get the intake form to you.  If for whatever reason, you cancel the consult before it happens (with 24 hour advanced notice), I will refund your payment, 100%.  Super risk-free.

I'm not sure which package is right for me. Will you help me pick?

Of course!  Feel free to reach out to me and I can help you pick the best solution based on your specific situation.  I’m happy to have a 10 minute “get to know you call” to help make sure you think it’s a good fit.  Click here to schedule a time that works best for you!  

Can you work with multiple members of my family?

Yes, contact me and I will create a very customized solution for your family once I learn a little about what you are trying to accomplish.

What if I want to ask you sleep questions but don't need a full support package?

I have the consult just for you!  If you ever want to borrow my brain, use me as a sounding board or just tell you what changes you should make to overcome sleep challenges – let’s chat.  I offer a 30-minute consultation via phone or webchat.

You can book right here:

Do you work with twins?

Yes, I work with twins!  Twins are included in the pricing – 2 for the price of 1! Since you have twins, it’s only fair that you get a break!

Do you offer follow up support for existing clients?

Yes!  Even the best sleepers can hit a little bump in the road requiring tweaking or follow up support.

$40 / Unlimited Support Per Day

$100 / Unlimited Support Per Week

$75 / 3 Day Unlimited Support Package

Do you offer an overnight package? One that you will come into my home for the first night?

Yes!  It’s like a slumber party for grown-ups. If you “literally” need that extra hand holding and support to help sleep train your child, I can come to your house for either ½ night or full night packages.  If you are interested, I can customize a proposal for you.

Do you offer seminars, corporate training or talks at parenting groups?

Yes, Yes, and Yes!  I conduct a variety of seminars to parenting groups and corporate clients.  I can even talk on the topic of your choice. Prices vary based on group size and travel requirements so please inquire. Oh and if it helps, everyone who attends one of my sleep talks loves it!

I've heard about the Family Success Academy? What is it?

So glad you asked.  The Family Success Academy is where I host my online training courses.  I plan to create more content as it pertains to the whole family, not just child sleep.  I definitely suggest that you take a look at it and check out if a course is something that would work for you.

1 or 2 Week Consultation

Includes unlimited support and a customized sleep plan

In-Home Consultations

Let’s have the consult inside your home

Newborn Consultation

Healthy Sleep Habits from the Start

Seminars or Group Events

Allow me to speak at your next event

Hourly Consult

Have a sleep expert talk you through your challenges

Online Courses

Learn at your pace with awesome videos

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