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Exhausted, Confused or Overwhelmed With Your Child’s Sleep?  

You Are So Not Alone!

This sleep thing sure isn’t easy!   If you’re looking for a sleep instruction manual for your child you can forget about it!  Each child is so different and so unique and it’s hard to figure sleep challenges by yourself.  When dealing with a crappy sleeper, you probably aren’t sure where to start.  But, I do!

No more venting to friends that you wish your child would be a better sleeper – they can become one!

A bit about me:

1)   I’m a “been there done that” mom who is humble enough to point out the mistakes that I made with my two girls.  We have dealt with many sleep issues so I draw a ton from my personal experience, for better or worse. These girls have given me a ton of “on the job” training.

2)   I personally am a professional sleeper.  I can nap anywhere and at any time.  Too bad that those genetics weren’t passed to my kids!

3)   I get out my pom poms and root for my clients – each child at a time.  I love seeing great sleepers!

4)   Ice cream is my thing.

susie parker, chicago sleep consultant helping baby's and toddler sleep better since 2014.

Your Child Can LOVE to Sleep!

I’m like you… I was that sleep deprived mom, turned Chicago sleep consultant, that just wants the best for her children. The conflicting advice about sleep training was enough to make my head spin. I spent the first 4 months of my daughter’s life holding her while googling everything I would ever want to know about sleep. Thankfully the sleep obsession was born and I was able to get through a rough period before sleep training with little more than a few war wounds. I have a great success story and am excited to work with other families to help them find the same success!

It is not overstating it to say that working with Susie at Sleep Baby Love gave us our lives back.

-Karen, Chicago, IL


Certified through the Family Sleep Institute, I am trained to help families struggling with various sleep issues of children age 0-5, regardless of their parenting styles. I am extremely excited to share my passion and knowledge to support each family individually.   I want to provide everyone the gift of a well-rested child and nothing makes me happier than seeing a great plan put into action. With a solid sleep training plan and a great support system, I have no doubt that you too can add a little Sleep Baby Love into your life.

I live in Chicago’s North Shore but am happy to work with anyone throughout the world!

These cute girls have given me a ton of "on the job" training!

Learn Why You Will Be Successful!

I believe that every child has the ability to learn to sleep and every family deserves to become well-rested.

The pinnacle of sleep success is a combination of self-soothing skills with age-appropriate nap and bedtimes.  Sleep training might be the answer for some, but for others, you may just need a couple of tips to change your child’s behaviors. I will empower you with the knowledge of sleep and arm you with a very detailed actionable plan that your family can follow through with.

You might think you need a baby sleep trainer, but really you need an advocate, consultant and coach!   Throughout the process, you will be the one making the decisions and executing the plan – but I will be alongside you every step of the way.

Pick The Plan That Works Best For You!

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