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You Put Your Baby To Bed And 40 Minutes Later, They’re Up Screaming. Sometimes They Can Fall Back Asleep On Their Own, But Sometimes You Go In And Rock Or Feed Your Baby, Trying To Help Get Them Back To Sleep. This Is Called The 40-minute Sleep Intruder! Click Through To Learn How You Can Battle The 40-minute Sleep Intruder And Get Your Baby Back To Sleep! Baby Sleep Tips | How To Get Your Baby To Sleep | Newborn Sleep | Parenting #sleepbabylove #sleeptips #sleep #parenting #newmom #babysleep

Battle the 40 Minute Sleep Intruder!

You put your baby to bed and 40 minutes later, she’s up screaming. Sometimes she can fall back asleep on her own, but sometimes you go in and rock her or feed her to help her fall back asleep. What is that? It's a 40 minute sleep intruder!
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