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Short Naps Suck! (5 Tips To Go From Short Naps to Good Naps)

If You Have A Short Napper, You Know That Short Naps Suck! In Fact, Short Naps Plague So Many Families That They Are The Most Common Sleep Struggle That I Hear About As A Certified Sleep Consultant. Click Through To Learn My Top 5 Tips On How To Get A Long Nap Today PLUS My FREE Sleep Guide! Baby Sleep Tips | How To Get Your Baby To Sleep | Newborn Sleep | Parenting | Nap Tips | Sleep Training #sleepbabylove #sleeptips #sleep #parenting #newmom #babysleep #newborn

-If you have a short napper, you sure know that short naps suck! In fact, short naps plague so many families that they are the most common sleep struggle that I hear about. So many parents are frustrated and don’t know what to do to go from short naps to good naps.

But, turn that frown upside down – short naps don’t need to last forever!  Just focus on these tips.

Tip #1: What is a short nap?

I define any nap less than an hour as a short nap. Short naps are not all created equal. Each nap gives me a clue to what’s going on.

1) A nap less than 30 minutes: Your baby is overtired and most likely will wake cranky.

2) A nap that is about 40-45 minutes: This is the length of your baby’s sleep cycle. It shows me that your baby can’t transfer sleep cycles and may not possess the appropriate soothing skills.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

Are Undertired Short Naps Such a Thing?

A 50-60-minute nap may not necessarily be considered short – it’s a gray area depending on your child’s behavior and ability to wake-up happy.

Plus, the last nap of the day (typically the 3rd nap after 4 months) is just a bridge nap – to get your baby enough fuel until bedtime. A nap for 30-minutes is O.K., and should be expected.

Tip #2: Are Short Naps Developmentally Appropriate?

As frustrating as short naps are, they can be developmentally appropriate for babies less than 4 months old. At this age, there is no consistency in sleep rhythms. You may see a 30-minute nap followed by a 2-hour nap. Or you may see several short naps in a row. Just set the stage at this stage for great sleep and keep your baby well-rested. Try not to stress if you can.

Right after the 4-Month Sleep Regression, we see sleep consolidate. But, still, it may be developmentally appropriate to see short naps up to 6 months.

Baby takes short naps. short naps suck!

Tip #3: Are Naps At The Right Time?

Since short naps can occur when your baby is overtired, focus on putting your baby down at an age-appropriate time. Long naps come when your baby is out of sleep debt and well-rested.   Here are some wakeful times to guide you to figure out the best nap time.

  • Under 2 months: 45 minutes to 1 hour max
  • 3 months: 1.5 hours max
  • 4 months: 1.75 to 2 hours max
  • 5 months: 2 hours max
  • 6 months: 2.5 hours max
  • 7 months: 2.75 hours max
  • 8/9 months: 3 hours max
  • 10/11 months: 3-4 hours max
  • 12-14 months: 3-4 hours max on 2 naps, 4.5-6 hours max on 1 nap

Tip #4: Are Naps In A Dark Room?

When trying to lengthen short naps, take a look at where your baby is sleeping. These three components make for a perfect sleep environment:

  • cool (68-72 degrees)
  • dark
  • quiet (with white noise)

Let’s focus on the DARK in that statement. Work on making your baby’s room CAVE dark. With the majority of blackout shades out there, light can still filter into the room (affecting your baby’s ability to transfer sleep cycles).

Now is the time to double up on window coverings: you can add blackout drapes on the outside of your blackout shades, buy a blackout liner (like this one) that covers the entire window. Of course, you can always use a DIY option. This will help to get the room dark, dark, dark!

Blackout EZ are the best blackout shades for your baby's room.
Blackout EZ shades are the easiest way to get your baby’s room dark! Click the image to learn more!

Try a super dark room! What’s the worst thing that can happen? Your baby starts napping longer!

A craptastic short nap isn’t fun for anyone.

Tip #5: Does Your Baby Take An Age Appropriate Amount of Naps?

Assuming that your child knows how to fall asleep on their own and sleeps in the right sleep environment, sometimes there are better times to take naps than others.

Focus on the right amount of naps and the right amount of

sleep for your baby’s age (after 4-6 months).

sleep needs by age | how much sleep does your baby need | #babysleep #toddlersleep #sleep

For example, If you have a 7 or 8-month-old, rather than having your baby take 3 crappy short naps a day, try and aim for a 2 nap schedule and aim for those naps to lengthen. Always recover from a bad nap day with an early bedtime!

Another tip is to try and push the first nap from starting any no earlier than 8 am (especially for babies older than 6 months).

I hear moms that are still keeping their baby up no longer than 2 hours which was made famous by Dr. Weissbluth’s book. Yes, that window of time is a great rule of thumb for a young baby, but past 6/7 months many babies outgrow that 2-hour waketime and can potentially get stretched in the morning to get a long nap.

E.A.S.Y Routine:

Short naps often occur when your baby is not falling asleep independently.  Many babies are still nursed or bottle-fed for sleep so the food is considered a baby sleep association (where they are unable to sleep without that cue).  Try an E.A.S.Y routine where you actually move the feeding to right after a nap vs. before.  

Food before a nap breaks the sleep-to-food relationship and actually can encourage fuller feedings vs. snacky ones.

The EASY Routine (east, activity, sleep, you) time explained in 4 easy steps.

 A.E.S.Y Routine:

Similar to the E.A.S.Y routine, this routine, just gives you a guide to help break the food-to-sleep association that gets in the way of awesome sleep.  So, in this case, you are still feeding before bed, but just not feeding to sleep.  See…it’s different.

So go ahead and try it (or pin the picture to refer back to it later).

If your baby takes short naps, I bet you will take Yes, the E.A.S.Y routine has a nice ring to it, but you can also use the A.E.S.Y routine to get your baby taking longer naps by moving the food away from falling asleep. It's worth a try. Or, PIN this image to save for later.

Who’s Ready to Get A Nap Longer than 30 Minutes?

So let’s say that the foundation is set (with the great tips above) and your baby still takes short naps.what should you do??? There is a possibility that sleep training may be in your future.  Until then…short naps suck!
Download your FREE guide:  5 Tips to Finally Get A Long Nap Today!  (click the image below)

Susie Parker

Susie Parker is founder of Sleep Baby Love and a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute. When Susie's not ridding the world of sleepless families, she loves spending time with her two girls that have given her a ton of real world sleep experience head on.

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      1. Ouch! That hurts. Yep, I’m a parent (two girls) and I’ve been through it all so I have a ton of experience to share and empathize with. How can I brighten your day? It seems like you may need it.

        1. I thought your article was great. Goes along with what we do and for the most part, we have a good sleep schedule. Things get tough around developmental transitions. I have 3 kids and basically study sleep like it’s my part-time job lol. I hope you ignored the rude comment! 😉

  1. I an doing all the above and most naps still 30mins! No props, goes on own in cot in pitch black room with white noise on, wakes fully at 30mins and isn’t crying, can leave for another 20/30mins before may start fussing or still quite happy. He’s nearly 8 months now!

  2. I am also doing everything in this post and my 5 month old often takes a nap that lasts less than an hour. Maybe one nap a day is over an hour, but he cannot figure out how to consolidate the naps, which leaves him with less awake time in between due to being over tired, thus resulting in needing 4 naps a day. Often times the 4th late afternoon nap is a failed attempt, but he is so cranky by 4pm and has to stay up till 6pm bedtime (at the earliest)

    He knows how to self soothe, his room is cave dark with white noise, we have a calming nap routine, but sometimes I don’t catch him soon enough which makes it less calm.

    I want him so badly to consolidate naps, take 3 naps a day and have enjoyable awake time of more than an hour! please help!!

    1. one nap a day over an hour is actually not bad The third nap is always short nap. Try an earlier bedtime in the 5s especially since he’s showing the signs.

      1. I have a 12 week old and severely struggling with naps – I put him down for a nap every 1-1.5 hours. He sleeps within 10-15 minutes which is great. BUT he wakes up after 20 minutes every time, like clockwork. I try everything to settle him back to sleep but he is wide awake! This has been the case for about 6 weeks now! I’ve followed all your tips but still super short naps… What can a Mum do?
        Btw. we also have a bedtime issue but that’s cause he’s still cluster feeding to about 10pm

  3. We have an 8 month old 30 minute napper who will occasionally give us an hour and a half or so at one of her naps…not once a day, maybe once a week we will get this when she’s finally worn out completely. One question that we have and that never seems to get addressed is how you go about handing the feedings if you have a 30 minute napper. While we’ve followed this routine with all of our children–eventually having them form a good schedule, we’ve never encountered the 30 minute napper. Our 8 month old feed schedule is breakfast, lunch, snack bottle, dinner, bed time bottle. On the one hand, you don’t want to associate eating with sleep so you try to feed at some point soon after the nap. But with a half hour napper you could potentially be eating lunch at 9:30 in the morning if your baby starts her day at 7:00. But you also don’t want to drag out the period between naps to accommodate feeding times to the point that they’re overly tired, thereby ensuring the cycle continues. Your then almost forced to chose between the feeding time routines that you’re trying to implement, or follow the EASY routine. I’d love to hear how some others handle this.

    1. hi. one way that you can get around this for your baby at 8 months old is to get on more of a by the clock schedule. So your baby can be on 2 naps at this age and they can be at two set times throughout the day so you can set your feeding schedule around it. Good luck!

  4. Ive tried many of those and my little one still has short naps. Activity helps alot, if I keep him active it makes a difference.

  5. I Have a 7.5 month old that has rarely napped well and has been a regular cat napper. The first of the day is always around 30 mins. The lunchtime nap usually varies from 1.25 hr’s-2 hours with late afternoon is about 40 mins.
    Last week napping went awry although our any is inconsistent and unpredictable, he now is refusing naps, first nap is now now 25-28 mins and the lunchtime one sometimes as short 35 minutes. Our baby settles himself the cot in quiet dark room, so not sure what is happening.

    1st nap – 2 hours after wake time which variea.
    2nd nap – 2.5 hours after wake up Rom 1, st nap

    1. it’s hard for me to really do a deep dive without knowing a little more details, but at 7.5 months old, your baby is a little older so if probably dropping that third nap, so now it’s playing with some of the variables to create the right structure of your day.

  6. I have a 7.5 month old that has rarely napped well and has been a regular cat napper. The first nap of the day is always around 30 mins. The lunchtime nap usually varies from 1.25 hr’s-2 hours with the late afternoon nap being about 40 mins.
    Last week napping went awry although our baby is often inconsistent and unpredictable, he now is refusing naps, first nap is now started to reduce to 25-28 mins and the lunchtime one is erratic sometimes as short 35 minutes. Our baby settles himself in the cot in quiet dark room, so not sure what is happening.

    1st nap – 2 hours after wake time
    2nd nap – 2.5 hours after wake up from 1,
    3rd nap – 2.5 hours after wake from last nap.
    most websites advise that the am nap should be min 1 hour but we have only achieved this once.
    would really appreciate some advise

  7. hi – my baby is 11 weeks old and we cosleep at night from approx 8p-6:30a, she wakes several times for breastfeeding but can go up to 4hrs. she used to nap anywhere and for over an hour, now shes super sensitive and is napping in crib for 30-40 min, occas an hour. i try to get her down as soon as she cues but she cries right away and its always a battle. i do combo of stepping away for moment and coming back to soothe her and usually she falls out on her own. she wakes up crying always and still seems very tired. by the afternoon she is a mess. any suggestions? also, if i let her nap or sleep on me then we get a much longer nap of course.

    1. My 12 week old does the same thing. She can sleep really well for her 1st nap in the morning. It’s always a challenge by the late afternoon/evening. I cant even eat dinner take or shower or anything. My husband and I have to rock her to sleep and then she wants to sleep on my chest. Shes never slept well between 7pm and 12am, I never know when she’d going to fall asleep. Even when she falls asleep she wakes up shortly looking to nurse, falls asleep wakes up, over and over again. I didn’t have these issues with my other 2 children. I don’t know what to do.

  8. I have a 7 month old and I’m at an absolute loss. We did CIO about a month ago, and he stays in his crib from about 7:30 to 6 a.m. He was doing good when we started CIO at staying in bed til about 7. But now that it’s been about a month, when you would THINK it should get better, he’s waking earlier and earlier? I sort of use a judgement call on whether or not we just get up and start our day or not. Today he woke up around 4 a.m. and it took him 45 minutes to go to bed, but it was just too early to wake up, so I made him “tough it out” and he did ultimately go back to sleep…but when he woke up AGAIN at 6 I just called it ‘good enough’ because at some point he’s just too rested to get himself back to sleep no matter what you do and it’s not worth it. Our naps have absolutely fallen apart as well. I end up changing the times a little every day (based on how early he gets up, since that has been inconsistent, it’s hard to plan). But like today, he was put down at 2 hours 30 minutes awake…cried very little, went to sleep, but was up 20 minutes later!! For awhile I had been putting him down after an hour and half or 2 hours, and that was TORTURE. Tons of screaming, and still only 20 minutes sleep. So I figured that wasn’t enough awake time. But it seems like no matter what time I do, it just isn’t working? I don’t know what I am doing wrong!! Are my wake times completely insane? I was thinking 2 hr 30 for the first nap, and 3 hrs for the rest…which seems reasonable for a 7 month old, but he just never wants to sleep..I had tried stretching it out longer, to see if we could do better than 30 mins, and everything fell apart. We lost the “success” of 30 minute naps and started getting 20. So then we went back, but its been about a week and we still only get 20. HELP!!

  9. Hi, I have a 7 month old boy. We had to sleep train him at night as he was waking 5/6 times wanting to be rocked back to sleep. He is sleeping now from 19:00-5am (bf)-7:30. His naps are only 30min at a time and I’ve tried everything. I have his awake time as 2.5hrs and he takes 3 naps a day. He is so grumpy when he wakes up, I assume he is still tired. Any advice on how to get him nap better please?

    His schedule is as follows:

    5ish breastfeeding
    7:30 wakes up
    8:30 oats
    10:00 nap
    10:30 formula
    12:00 lunch
    13:00 nap
    14:30 formula
    15:00 snack
    17:00 dinner
    18:00bath, breastfeeding and sleep all before 19:00

    Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hi – It’s really hard for me to assess exactly what’s going on but I can tell you confidently that the numerous nightwakings and not falling asleep independently are most likely the culprits. I am more than happy to help you figure out a plan if you’d like additional help.

      1. Hi Susie,

        I am putting him down to fall asleep on his own for naps now, go in every 5 min to reassure him, he usually falls asleep within 5-7min, but only for 30 min. He does not wake up at night anymore, he sleeps roughly from 19:00-07:00.

  10. I have a 7 month old who goes down awake, has a dark room and has anywhere from 2.25-2.75 hrs of awake time in between sleeps. She has never napped for longer than an hour (except as a newborn for the first 2 months). She currently takes 3 naps each between 35-55 min. Usually her longest nap is the 3rd nap. Not much else I can do to extend her naps.

  11. I’m wondering how to lengthen the second nap. My 8.5 month old always naps 1.5 hours in the morning about 2.25-2.5 hours after waking. Then he only naps 30 minutes in the afternoon NO MATTER WHAT. I have tried wake times from 2-3 hours. He has black our shades and noise machine. He goes down awake and puts himself to sleep no fuss. But always wakes up 30 minutes later. Any advice?

    1. Assuming that all the other components are there, I would bump out the wake time after nap 1 to about 3-3.5 hours. Or, you have to cap the nap #2. I’m giving very general advice so if that doesn’t work, I have other ideas!

      1. Thanks! I will try pushing wake time after nap 1 to 3-3.5 hours and see how that goes this week. It’s tough getting stuck with so much time before bed after nap 2, but not enough time for another nap!

        Thanks again!


  12. Hi there – I have a 4 month old boy who was always swaddled and slept in a swing newborn-3 months. When he was 3-4 months, I started putting him in his crib for naps and bedtime. I tried to stop swaddling him but his naps would only be 20 minutes long, so I began swaddling him again and his naps still only last 30-40 minutes. I watch the clock and its like clock work…right at 40 minutes, he opens his eyes. It’s like something switches on! Sometimes I try to nurse him back to sleep (which I know is a bad idea but I’m desperate for a longer nap). It usually doesn’t work. Sometimes I try letting him cry. He cries for 30 minutes and then only sleeps an extra 20. Again, not worth it. His room is dark, has a white noise machine, he falls asleep by himself, I soothe him to sleep (without nursing) and yet, he STILL wakes up 30-40 minutes in. I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO! He is taking 3 – 40 minute naps and goes to bed at 6pm. He still wakes up 4 times to nurse during the night. I have a 3 year old too at home and I work from home so I need longer than a 30 minute break. I don’t know how to break him of these short naps when I feel like I am doing everything right.

  13. My 5 month old has mastered the cat nap (our night sleep is good.) He constantly wakes up 20-45 minutes in and won’t go back down. How can he connect sleep cycles all night but can’t during the day?

  14. I am a mom of three with my youngest being 5 months old. She is the happiest baby even with her lack of sleep. Here are my issues:
    – we only ever get 20 minutes out of her (sometimes only twice a day). With my other two in preschool and kindergarten we are always on the go. This means that inbetween those naps she takes 10 minute car naps.
    -her first nap time falls right during school drop off so she often dozes on the way. When we get home she wakes immediately whether transferred or not. How do I battle this with school schedules?
    -she is often so tired that she falls asleep while nursing. I know this is a major association for her but I don’t know how to break it. She is impossible to keep up! (She is well fed and in the high percentile so I know she is eating plenty). When I put her down she will stay asleep but only for 10-20min.
    -we have been sleep training to stop night wakings. Currently she will go down at 6:45 and wake around 3:30. I feed her for 15min and put her back to bed. She wakes for the day around 6:15.

    I am grateful that she is alway so happy (except when in her crib screaming for an hour at a time!) and lack of sleep somehow doesn’t make her too grumpy, however I am desparate for some time to myself!

    1. you have some great things going with the nights! Your circumstances with other kids is hard – but keep focusing on the positives!

  15. I’m wondering about my 2 month old…I try to follow the eat-activity-sleep model as best as he lets me. In the evening, he tends to fall asleep immediately following the eating. My big question currently is that for the first and second naps of the day, I’ve been trying to put him down “drowsy but awake” in a dark, cool room with a sound machine and swaddled. He typically can do this for about 25-30 minutes before waking up. If I then hold him and try again, he won’t go back to sleep. If I hold him, he’ll sleep for well over an hour (or longer). Any suggestions? At night, he goes down no problem.

  16. What if my 4 month old is sleeping 12hrs at night?
    She takes four 30 minute naps during the day, and she wakes up from these short naps smiling.
    In this case, should she still be taking longer naps?

  17. Hello,
    I have a 6 month old….7 months next week and she takes three, 35-45 min naps. We just transferrred her from the Rock and a Play to crib naps because she’s getting too big for the R&P. We are doing the same thing at night. She’s awake usually 2 hours in the morning before her first short nap and then 2.5-3 between her other two. I let her cry it out for about 10 min on her first nap, go in and shush and pat and she’s out. The other two, we read and sit in the rocking chair and she usually falls asleep and is drowsy ( sometimes asleep) when I put her in. I try to catch her at the right time. She’s really active and busy so I try to keep her busy. She naps great in the car. I use white noise, keep it dark and just the right temperature in the bedroom. No matter what, I’m stuck with three short naps. Help!

    1. If I were to guess, I think the independent skills are playing a part. Even in the first nap, you have to make sure that you’re not patting/shushing to sleep – she has to get down by herself! Remember, the third nap can be short!

  18. Hi Susie… so my wee girl was sleeping from 7pm-5am feed then asleep from 5.30-7.30/8am n having 1-2hr naps 2x day and a little catnap around 5. Turned 4months n all went out window!
    Now at 5months after playing around n trying few things out, she’s settled into 7pm-4/5ish am feed n backdown till 7.30/8am. But she can only manage 30-40min naps. She self settles, I watch the clock for awake times, or if I see a yawn it’s bed. There’s no sleep associations I’m aware of n no matter what I do she won’t sleep longer. She’s happy enough most days in between naps but 2 30 min naps n a wee catnap at 5months seems very little? Her room is dark, same routine each time… I’m at a loss!

  19. Hi Susie,
    Our 3 month old seems to have trouble breaking the 30 -45 minute intruder. y wife sleep trains and we have a 2 yr old as well. both sleep through the night no problem (8pm-7am) but the 3 month old is not napping well at all. The room is not as dark as it needs to be but we are working on that. I can’t believe that is the only issue. We are trying to currently move her to a 3.5 hour schedule and are just not sure if it is too much for her. Is this just par for the course? is there something we can do to break this?

  20. Thanks for the great article. My 8 month old has consistently taken 30 minute naps for a long while. Sometimes we get lucky and she’ll sleep for 1.5 hr but that’s not the norm. At 5 months I did some gentle no cry sleep training and she started falling asleep by herself, but then would regress and it felt like we just were constantly sleep training, then getting regression, and in the end I was tired of all the crying and time being put into the sleep training. So three months later I’ve given up. I nurse her to sleep for naps and bedtime. She usually sleeps between 10-13 hrs at night and always wakes up thirty minutes after I lay her down then once more in the early morning. Any advice would be welcome. I also have a toddler and need to juggle her schedule around his needs and getting out in the morning and back for his nap at noon. Thanks in advance ????

  21. Hi Susie

    I have a four month old turning 5 in a week. We are working on her being tired for a nap every 1.5 hours as she gets grizzly at this point. She will only sleep for 35/40 mins despite all the advice above. We are up at 6am and bedtime is 6pm. She is now fighting the last nap and it is often a failure meaning we are putting an overtired baby to bed who last woke up around 3:15pm. Please help!!

  22. Hi Susie,
    I have only just come across your site, having always worried myself over my babies sleep. He is 7.5 months old and we have a very vague pattern/routine.
    He tends to go to sleep about 7-7.30, and would sleep for 12 hours, without waking. Sometimes he will fall back asleep for another hour after a bottle. But in the day time he tends to nap twice for about 40-50 mins each. And usually wakes happy.

    I have always took his lead. Sometimes he naps for longer in the afternoon but not often. (Yesterday 2.5 hours after 35mins in the morning and has woke after 11.5 hours tonight)
    He is just trying to crawl, mastered rolling and teething…should I be trying to encourage longer naps when we don’t have big issues at bed time? (Although when he is teething really struggle to get him to sleep)


  23. This is a good guide. I haven’t come across info like this. Makes sense. I have 8 month twin boys. They’ve spent the last month with short naps but also both teething. Now both 2 bottom 2 top teeth have cut through, they are napping longer and twin 1 is nursed/bottle after nap.

  24. Ha! I like the “you time” Netflix, FB part in the diagram.. sure in a perfect world there is time for that.. There is usually tons of house work to be done, dishes, laundry folding, cleaning, work from home… It’s a nice thought and sure is necessary for mental health to have that time but it’s not so realistic. Especially with multiple kids.

    Might as well put




    10 day vacation in Hawaii




    It’s more like –



    Hopefully baby naps

    Baby wakes up 5 min after you put him down, stop folding laundry, go back 3 spaces do not pass Go do not collect your $200… then try to get back to sleep, 17 min later, back to folding laundry.. baby wakes up 30 min later, stop folding laundry go back to try again etc.. .

    Not finish laundry

    Feed baby

    Diaper change

    Tummy time, maybe get more laundry folded… whoops forgot it was a half day at your toddlers pre school but the baby just fell asleep. Put baby in car seat quietly as possible, but baby wakes up unhappy, scramble to get out of the house with the baby to get toddler on time..

    Toddler wakes up baby in the car… etc etc

  25. Thanks!

    Our little guy just turned 6 months. He’s been doing 30-45 minute naps ever since I can remember and it’s been impossible to get him to sleep longer. Sometimes, especially in his stroller, he does 1.5-2h naps, but he’s got to be moving in the stroller.

    We just started sleep training this week, we’ve had some success but he’s still freaking out and crying himself to sleep most times for at least 5-30 minutes.

    I think it really just comes down to self-soothing. He isn’t rolling yet (he’s been swaddled up until now) and perhaps the back position isn’t that comfy for him.

  26. I have a 9 month old that is taking 3 45 minute naps! We put her down awake (after soothing or rocking) and she cries sometimes for a few minutes but not always

    Schedule looks like this:

    7/7:15 wake – Nurse, solids 30 minutes after
    8:45 – nap – sometimes only 45 mintes but on a good day until 10
    10am (on a good day) – wake, nurse
    11am – solids for lunch
    12:15 pm – nap
    1:15 wake – nurse
    2pm – snack
    then she normally takes a cat nap like around 4…
    4:30 – nurse when she wakes
    530 solid dinner
    630 nurse
    7pm down for bed.

    Should I try to move her to two naps now that she is 40 weeks old?? if so, what times? She woke at 915 today UGH and I tired to hold her off until 1 but she could not make it past 1140am!

  27. HI there, I have a lovely 7.5 month old boy Jasper who is consistently doing 2 naps a day for 50-70 mins a day and then usually a quick catnap in the afternoon to make it to bedtime. I cant seem to get him to nap longer then 60 mins at a time. He wakes at 6am and i keep him awake until 9am for his first nap and then he naps for an hour or so and then his 2nd nap is 1pm and he sleeps for another hour. Am i keeping him awake to long? he use to know how to self settle between sleep cycles in his naps, i would hear him wake and then he would go back but that never happens anymore. At night he goes to bed at 7pm, he sleeps pretty well at night, he only wakes twice and i usually feed him. Appreciate your advice….also should i consider dropping the afternoon nap of around 20 minutes?

  28. Hello hello! My super cute little lady only sleeps for 20 minutes at a time!!! She is 21 weeks and has never had long naps, she wakes up in the morning like a ray of sunshine as she sleeps well at night but the rest of the day she gets so over tired… iv tried everything I can think of, I put her down as soon as I see the first signs (rubbing her eyes, pulling her ear) white noise, dark room but she just want sleep any longer although she is still so obviously tired, and gets so upset and becomes super clingy all day… I need help! I just don’t know what to do! One thing I will say tho is when I’m out and about she is fine as she will nod off in her pram but I can’t keep her out all day I also have another child and I feel like it’s hard to spare my time up for him 🙁 any tips would be much appreciate x

  29. My 6 week old is sleeping great at night but we are having a ROUGH time during the day! If she falls asleep I’m lucky to get 10 minutes, maybe more if it’s on me but I also have a 2 and 4 year old who need me. She sleeps in our room but hers is pitch black – I’m going to try naps in there and see if that helps!

  30. Hello, I really like the E.A.S.Y. routine but I do have a question about short naps around the 3.5 month age. What do you do if the baby has a big bottle and then is up and then has a short nap? Do you get the baby up and have another bottle, even if he’s not that hungry or do you try to get him back to bed by holding him?

    Nap for 1.5 hours
    Activity for 1-1.5 hours
    Nap for 30 mins
    Wake and Bottle? Or try to sooth him back to bed?

  31. I have a just-turned 9 month old who takes 2 naps a day usually 20-40 minutes each. That’s it. Sometimes I get a wildcard 1.5 hours or the unicorn 2 hours but I can count on 2 fingers how many times that’s happened. No 9 month old should be able to function on 1.5 hours of sleep total during the day, right? He often wakes 40 minutes into his bedtime as well and cries for 10-15 minutes and falls back asleep. What is going on in his little brain that’s wired him to wake up at 40 minutes no matter what? I hear about the babies that take 2 1.5 to 2 hour naps a day and that’s only in my dreams. I know every baby is different but he surely needs more rest.

  32. My baby boy is four months and a half almost 5 he takes 20 to 30 minutes naps. daddy got him accustomed to falling asleep with a bottle. How do i switch to the easy routine again? Every time i try it turns out he stars waking up super early (3am)and not wanting to sleep again and is super fussy all day long. So i give up and give him a bottle so he can sleep again. HELP?!?

  33. Hi
    What would you make of this. Baby is 9 months and 1st nap is 2 hours after she wakes up – usually she wakes up, nurses, plays, eats breakfast, plays then nap. Afternoon nap is usually 4-5 hours later. Sometimes both naps will be an hour…most recently though one is 30 min,…sometimes both only 30 min

  34. This was somewhat helpful but also, I’ve read every piece of info out there and I’m still stuck. I have a 9.5 month old who has always been a great night sleeper, since about 8-9 weeks old he was sleeping 10-12 hours straight. Even during the 4 month and 8 month regression, his night sleep was not affected. Naps are the issue. He has never been a good napper (30 min naps always), which started leading to early wakings (4:30-5:30 am). There was a brief period of time right before the 8 month regression where he did learn to take 2 cycle naps (1 nap a day would be 1 hour 15/1 hour 45 min max, and the other 2 naps stretched out to 45/50 min). This was amazing and I thought we were in the clear! That lasted about 2-3 weeks and then the 8 month regression hit and his ability to put himself to sleep for a nap was GONE. He hated his crib, screamed if we left the room. To this day, he is sleeping about 11 hours at night but he takes 2 30 min naps a day (sometimes even less lately (25-28 min)). I know he is probably just chronically overtired and sleep deprived, but here is the thing….he is a super HAPPY baby. Playful, and silly and just so happy! I’m not sure what to do. He just doesn’t seem interested in napping. He wakes from his second nap (~2 pm) so bedtime has to be around 6, and lately he is sleeping 6 pm- 5 am, sometimes he can go back to sleep until 6/6:15 am but not always. Im clueless.

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