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“Every night bedtime was a horrible fight for our 2 year old. Only Mommy could put him to bed, and it would take her so long to do it that she would wind up falling asleep in his bed before he would fall asleep at 10:00 or 10:30. Then we had a baby and things got way out of control. If mommy had to nurse the baby then he would cry which would cause the baby to cry. He was going to sleep at 11:00 or even midnight and our baby was going to bed incredibly late as a result. So we called Susie and she gave us a plan. After a week on Susie’s plan daddy was putting him to bed and kissing him goodnight, and then daddy walks out of the room and he goes to bed all by himself. Now he is so proud that he can go to bed by himself. He is going to bed earlier and getting a full night sleep, and our baby is sleeping thru the night, too!. I can’t thank Susie enough for her help. Bedtime is now something I look forward to, plus me and my wife now have free time in the evenings and are able to go to bed together, something that we have not been able to do in over a year.”

2 hour bedtime battles fixed
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