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Is 13 months too late for sleep training?

“I cannot thank Susie enough for helping me teach my 13 month old son the necessary skills to self-soothe and fall asleep and stay asleep independently.  As a first time mom, I just wasn’t sure how and what I needed to do to help my son be successful.  I read several books, listened to advice from those close to me, but just found myself more confused and unsure what to do.  I felt defeated.  After calling Susie, I felt much better, she created a sleep plan for my son and I committed to it.  I couldn’t be happier!  After just a few days I saw a big difference and after just a week, my son was falling asleep and sleeping through the night!  The energy in our home is overwhelmingly positive now!  We are ALL getting the rest we need and are happier than ever!  Thank you Susie, for your guidance and support!”

You Too Can Have A Great Sleeper at 13 Months
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