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“Prior to working with Susie my daughter was barely napping, waking every hour or so at night, and completely refusing her crib all together. Just to get some sleep we would put her in her swing with the paci where she we had a better shot of her sleeping 4 or so hours at a time (if she didn’t wake before then looking for the paci). I felt like I had read every book and tried everything and knew that this couldn’t go on. Susie laid out a plan for us and the second night of implementing this plan my daughter slept 13 hours solid in her crib without the pacifier. She has also slept around 12-13 hours a night since. Her naps have also gotten much better and my days are going so much smoother. She is much happier and finally getting the sleep she needs… and so am I! I am so happy that I made the decision to call Susie!”

5 Month Old Sleep Training
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